The story of Nieloefaar

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Hi, my name is Nieloe(faar) Bahadori. I was born in the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam, on the 23th of februari in the year 2000.

When I was 2, my father kidnapped me to Iran. When my mom saw my unhappy face she was determined to “kidnap” me back to Holland. It took her three years to get me back. She went through emotional times, hard struggles and life threatening situations but she never gave up on me. She has written a book about this, called ”Onder Dezelfde Sterrenhemel“. My mom stimulated me to find a way to deal with my emotions through making music. I started taking piano lessons without understanding a Dutch word. My piano teacher tried to communicate with me by painting paintings in my piano booklet. In my short life I took dancing lessons, violin lessons, I started singing and at the moment I am learning to play the guitar. My love for music is unlimited. When I’m sad, angry or happy I just sit down behind my piano and sing. Sometimes I take my violin and release my feelings and emotions by playing this beautiful instrument. I love(d) singing so much so I  decided to apply for The Voice Kids. I did not have much experience on stage. As a result, I didn’t make it to the second round, but I had learned a lot from this. I started taking singing lessons from a coach that gave me space to develop and learn to get to know my voice. After one year, I applied again and guess what? I came in the The Voice Kids Final of 2014!!! By participating in The Voice Kids, and becoming an artist in Holland, I hope to be an inspiration for children who are damaged or children who have experienced something awful like I did. My message to all these people that find inspiration in me and my songs is the following: It’s always possible to achieve something positive in life. Just never give up and fight for it!  My mom has shown me that life is worth fighting for and I hope that I can show other people that everything is possible. Start today! You can do it! xxxNieloe.

8 thoughts on “The story of Nieloefaar

  1. Ik ben diep onder de indruk van je geweldige zangstem, lieve Nieloefaar, en ook van de werkelijk prachtige liederen die je zingt en mij diep raken. Groet, ook aan je moeder en aan je oma die ik bij Voice Kids in beeld zag, dr Bert Wiegman
    (Excuus dat ik eerst op de verkeerde plek mijn reactie gaf)

  2. درود بر نیلوفر عزیز.
    ویدیو هاتون رو با اجازه در کانل تلگرامی فارسی زبان به اشتراک گذاشتم.
    خوشحال میشم از این کانال حمایت کنی.
    فقط به خاطر تمام دختران و پسران ایران که از درخشیدن محرومند.

  3. Ik ben onwijs trots op je, op hoe je zingt, hoe je bent als persoon en hoe je anderen inspireert om hun dromen te volgen! X

  4. So Proud of the woman you are becoming and everything you have already achieved in your Life. I love you and I am happy to have you in my Life

  5. Ik ben zo trots op hoe je bent als persoon je bent echt een lief en goed persoon en mij heb je vanaf dag 1 geïnspireerd!

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